Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

Gorgeous Fun Glasses!

Designer Inspired Oversized Fashion Sunglasses

Designer Inspired Oversized Fashion Sunglasses the others I was cruising Amazon to buy the Prada glasses that 'inspired' these and which list at $300 (and can be found on eBay and elsewhere... for about $200,) and stumbled on these. Now, before someone rants about how bad and unsupportive it is to patronize knock-off artists: I will say that I DO buy the 'real deal' and DO drop some serious $$ on authentic designer glasses. Fair enough. I love sunglasses and have a nice little collection. These intrigued me but I was not convinced that I would want to invest. Buying this version let me: a) give my first pair to my beloved sister, and b) then get another pair so I can try them out for a test drive, so to speak to decide if I want the real deal for keeps at a higher price.

These are not quite as nice as the real ones (duh!) but they LOOK as good. The hinges seem predictably cheap; the frames seem lighter (I did try the 'real' ones on at Nordies) but allegedly made of the same 'acetate' as the Pradas. A main visual difference is there is no Prada logo on the sides.....

Hey, GREAT deal for the price. Fast free shipping, too. Enjoy! And if you love 'em and want realy 'keepers', go get the

Get your Designer Inspired Oversized Fashion Sunglasses Now!

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