Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Nice roomy case

Simple Eyglass Wraparound frames HC 207

Simple Eyglass Wraparound frames HC 207

First off, I totally love these sunglasses. They exude quality. The brown/orange gradient is exactly what I wanted as I don't care for green tints and grey seems to wash-out images too much. The 56mm size also fits well and doesn't make me look like a later-day Douglas MacArthur. :) I field tested them this afternoon with the sun still bright and everything was crisp and clear. It's a pleasure to have sunglasses with quality lenses, even if it adds a bit to the weight. I'm very pleased.

As for authenticity, I checked the inside of the frame and it does indeed say 'Made in China'. But fear not - Ray Ban has been making some of their sunglasses in China since 1997 and the RB3362 model is one of them. As far as I'm concerned, if it's good enough for Apple, it's good enough for my sunglasses.

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  1. Raymond Hooper18 Oktober 2012 08.32

    I got this for sunglasses. They never seem to be compact, those chunky, wrap around ones. This case fit them well. They don't rattle in there but they aren't crushed either. The case is solid and the lid meets the bottom evenly. The cover seems durable. Nice quality. The color is a bit darker than the picture, too, which is good because I'm not keen on pink. It's a nice dark rose. I like it.