Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

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Oakley Flak Half Jacket 07 345

Oakley Flak Half Jacket 07 345

I have a pair of Oakley Fuel Cell sunglasses. I wanted something to keep them in that would protect them and this seemed like the best option for that since it's metal. This vault provides all the protection anyone could want but does have it's drawbacks. First off it's BIG. This makes it difficult to stash just anyplace in the car (fit's pretty good in a cup holder) and definately will not fit in your pocket. It is perfectly round and smooth which have two drawbacks; if your fingers are slick it can be hard to open the case as there are no tabs or indentations to get a hold of and if the surface you set it down on is not flat, it will take off on you. Not major problems given the amount of protection they give your glasses but it's all nice to know. I leave my Fuel Cells in the bag they came with and put them in the case. It takes some time but who wants to but another pair of expensive glasses if you can help it.

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