Selasa, 02 November 2010


The Princess Picture Book ebook

The Princess Picture Book ebook

I've had these for a couple of months now
They are STURDY enough that I've sat on them (not directly) with no damage.
Easily the most COMFORTABLE of the 4 sunglasses I own.
LIGHT, but the material doesn't feel too cheap.
And best of all they are EFFECTIVE.
They stay on my face really well. I feel that even if i had a big head they would still be comfortable because the frame itself has just the right amount of flexibility.

The polarized effect is immediately noticeable. It eliminates a lot of reflective light from various surfaces. It also appears to be diagonally polarized instead of horizontal or vertical. Meaning i can still read LCD screens so long as they're directly in front of me.

Now to be fair I bought these after reading a thread about "what items under $100 can significantly improve quality of life." Polarized sunglasses were on the list. It turns out I had no idea what I was missing and I never use my other sunglasses anymore.

Sure polarizers can be found in your everyday drugstore or walmart nowadays. But I've compared those to these and these win. Build quality goes a long way in longevity and comfort.

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  1. I am thinking of getting an ebook reader for the new year. Can anyone give me their opinions/experience with any of the readers out there. I am trying to get a good one at an affordable price but need more info to decide on the right one. I know the Kindle and Nook are very popular, what do you all think?

  2. I need something that isn't Twilight, Harry Potter or the Eragon series. also I need something that's has magic or dragons or just plain Fantasy. if possible with a bit of romance to. And another style of book is teen love too. Thanks guys. (Please include ebook websites that have the mentioned book on it)