Kamis, 04 November 2010

Wonderful All Around Purse

Colored Lens Metal Aviator Sunglasses

Colored Lens Metal Aviator Sunglasses

I like this enough that I'm even using it when I'm not traveling!
The body of the bag is deep and roomy with side pockets good for holding phones, pens, and other small items. My Kindle or tablet easily slides into this part of the bag. It's too small for a laptop, though. The bag is lined in a pale powder blue which makes it easy to see what's inside.
The bag has two useful side pockets. One (with a zip and an outer flap) is perfect for my wallet. The other has less depth but is lined with pockets for organizing things like frequent flyer cards and credit cards. This is the pocket I also keep my passport in when I'm traveling.
Finally, two additional pockets hold a small bottle of water or a small umbrella.
I am very pleased with the bag and have had no problems with any of the zips since purchase. It seems well made and the materials used seem durable and practical.

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  1. Ok adding on to my earlier question, Im currently looking at buying "Ray Ban Polarized Aviator RB3025 Gunmetal 004 58mm" from an online store. So I now know prescriptions can't be added to already made lenses is it possible for an optometrist to make the exact lens, polarized, gun metal colour & my prescription all in one or would it be better to take the contact lens route?