Rabu, 10 November 2010

Spring, Summer or Fall... great on a trip

Anarchy Tortoise Disorder Sunglasses Polarized

Anarchy Tortoise Disorder Sunglasses Polarized

I have 3 of these jackets for different occasions.

All three will keep all my gadgets in their rightful place and always know that I have everything.

I love being able to grab my jacket and be ready for anything. When the day brightens up a bit, just take off the sleeves, and breakout your sunglasses from their dedicated pocket.

Clearly I recommend the jacket since I own 3 variations but the Transformer is perfect when I travel. I just got back from a flight from Boston to Chicago... Security was a breeze since I only had my jacket and one carry-on. Instead of clearing out my pockets and stashing items into my bag, I just slipped off the jacket, placed it in a bin and walked right through. On the plane I had the sleeves off since I tend to run a little warm. Once off the plane, put the sleeves back on and was ready for walking in the beautiful fall weather. Need space for a water bottle, plane ticket, ID, sun glasses, extra hat, gloves, scarf, phone, headphones, your Transformer sleeves, whatever... you've got the room to spare.

I have:
The Revolution for rainy weather or as my outer layer in winter
The Fleece 5.0 for fall or just lazing around the house in winter.
The Transformer jacket for Spring/Summer with it's lightweight feel and quick-to-remove sleeves

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