Senin, 22 November 2010

Fanastic Kitchen Lighting Option

Kichler Lighting 10827OZ 2 Light Fluorescent

Kichler Lighting 10827OZ 2 Light Fluorescent

We were looking for a replacement lighting option in our kitchen to replace the ceiling fan/light that was the central light fixture in our main kitchen area. After reading many reviews we decided that this light was worth a look so we ordered it. We were a bit worried about the plastic globe enclosure and the brightness of the flourescent lights. When the light arrived we were pleasantly surprised at the excellent construction. Once the light was installed all of our questions were quickly erased as the brightness levels of this light were excellent. In our 12' X 16' main kitchen area the lighting levels are more than sufficient. So much in fact that in our opinion after reaching full brightness sunglasses are almost necessary. After 3 weeks my wife just gushes each and every time she turns on the switch. We compared this light to several other manufacturers similar options at local lighting stores. We would highly recommend this light for anyone wanting a modern / well constructed / bright light option for their kitchen area.

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