Jumat, 12 November 2010

Superior product

Dream Essentials Escape Luxury Earplugs

Dream Essentials Escape Luxury Earplugs

I've tried this sleep mask for a few weeks now, and it really is an immense upgrade from my old one. This mask does not push against my eyes, and it feels all over comfy and professionally made. To be honest, I love it and am glad my search here on Amazon finally led me to this helpful product.

The only design question I came up with, though it hasn't materialized the way I feared when first trying on the mask, is that the strap band might benefit from being a bit wider and also not as saw-like along the edge. I mean, we don't want to lose our ears wearing a sleep mask. Ok, that might be putting it too harsh, because I haven't experienced what I feared might be a sawing effect when wearing the mask, making the whole experience using it a surprisingly positive one.

This might be a big mask, and so I choose to imagine sleeping on the side might cause a problem if you have a small head, but for me, this mask has worked amazingly well. Even though the mask is a bit stiff. A few times I see light when laying on the side, a result coming from the stiffness causing the mask to move out of position when in contact with the pillow, but that seems to happen more seldom as time goes by. It's as if the mask is being broken in. Plus, I haven't tightened the band after the initial adjustment I made. I imagine tightening it will make the mask even less prone to light bleed. It does have an inner fluffy "barrier", laying between the nose and eyes, helping against light seeping in. No wonder it does such a good job keeping it out in general. The mask itself just feels so professional.

All in all, I am very satisfied with this product.

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  1. I've tried the whole line of Dream Essential sleep masks and this is my favorite for at home use. I love the soft comfortable fabric of this mask. It feels luxurious. The fabric is a pleasure to wear against the skin. I'm a side sleeper and use the mask all night to block morning light. I love the strap system; this is one of the few masks that usually stays on throughout the night. The profile of the mask is also thin which makes it comfortable for all types of sleeper. It's even a great mask to pack in your suitcase for road trips. The Escape has no light leakage unlike some other masks. Best of all it doesn't rest on your eyes. It is a pleasure to use for extended periods. I absolutely love this mask and won't sleep without it.

  2. Purchased and tried the Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask, the Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams, and the Dream Essentials Escape Luxury Sleep Mask.

    Only the Dream Essentials Escape keeps out all the light.

    The Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Eye Mask is lightweight and comfortable but unfortunately lets in light from the sides of my nose - might work for some. Same with the Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask.

  3. To compare, I bought sleep masks from three different manufacturers: Dream Essentials Escape, Bucky, and Lewis N. Clark. I would like to announce the grand prize winner of the Sleep Mask Contest: Dream Essentials Escape. HANDS DOWN.

    All three masks keep the light out well. The Dream Essentials Escape eye insets, however, are the feature that make this mask so much better. There is absolutely nothing pressing on your eyes with this mask.

    The other two masks have a different design, and they are the same as each other. In both the Bucky and the Lewis N. Clark masks, there is a fold of fabric at the bottom that is supposed to keep the mask off of your eyes, but it really doesn't work that well. Bucky is expensive for the same design as the Lewis N. Clark which, as I recall, was about 1/3 - 1/2 the price of the Bucky. Bucky has a great reputation, but I wasn't that impressed.

    If you aren't so fussy, then the other masks are, in my opinion, just o.k. However, if you want a really great mask, then THIS is it.

    Thank you, Dream Essentials, for going the extra mile to put out a product that is really worth buying.

  4. Byron Hutchinson28 Desember 2011 03.32

    The sleep mask blocks out all of the light. There are comfortable indentations on the inside of the mask so that it does not press against the eyes. It is a soft flannel-feel cotton on the inside is is comfortable against the skin.

    The strap is wide and infinitely adjustable with velcro.

    With a combination of this mask and ear plugs, I got the best night sleep in weeks.

  5. I am ordering my third mask...the first was eaten by my puppy, the second is safely in my nightstand, this third is for travel. I cannot sleep with any light at all and I cannot be without this mask. I have been wearing sleep masks for 15 years, starting with cheap drug store masks. I have used this mask for the last 5 years every night. The first lasted 4 years until it met my puppy, the second is entering it's second year and I have to have a spare.
    I sleep on my back mostly, but I do not have any issues when I move to my side. It does shift when I sleep on my side, but I am used to it and it never goes far (unlike my old masks). I love the eye pockets and the strap.

  6. I work 3 nights a week and after almost 6 years, it's still difficult for me to sleep during the day. Other masks that I have tried always let light in and half the time I wake up with it on my forehead. This mask is the most perfect mask I have ever used! I get total darkness without it pressing against my eyelids. The first time I wore it, it was still on my face when I woke up!! I highly recommend this mask!!

  7. Kellie Mccullough21 Desember 2013 11.32

    I use this sleep mask for longer flights and it works very well. It blocks about 95% of light (a small amount creeps in from around the nose) and makes sleeping so much easier. The mask comes with a small nylon carrying case, and a worthless set of ear plugs. If you want ear plugs, don't count on those provided gratis with the mask.

    A very nice feature of this mask is that the eye covers are contoured so that your eye lids don't rub against the inside of the mask. This means you don't get irritated eye lids over time. The head band is soft elastic and adjusts easily.

    This is a very high quality sleep mask, and if you take care of it, will probably be the last sleep mask you will ever buy. Worth the price, INMHO, even at double the cost of lesser masks.